Growing up on Flint Hill Rd, It was destined for musician Trajan “Tray” Wellington to be attracted to the 5 String Banjo. From hearing different styles of music from his Grandpa at an early age, Tray’s love of music was natural. While he did play Trombone in Middle School band it wasn’t till he was 13 he got an electric guitar and started playing on a string instrument. Later while wanting to learn how to Flatpick Guitar he heard Banjo for the first time and his playing, and musicianship since then have blossomed. From learning traditional bluegrass to learning other genres including jazz, progressive bluegrass, blues, rock, and many more he has gone on to play with some of the best musicians in the world and won many awards and accolades already before his 21st birthday including two awards from IBMA including 2019 IBMA Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year, and 2019 Momentum Band of the Year (w/Cane Mill Road). Tray’s playing has drawn the attention of many greats in the business who expect the best out of Tray’s musicianship, and expect him to grow to be one of the best players in the industry.

What People Say

Welcome to a great new banjo talent, blossoming before our eyes and ears. At age 20, having played banjo for six years, it’s not just about his wonderful skills and agility on the instrument. Trajan’s taken off from the Scruggs/bluegrass platform he started with and visited muses from Charlie Parker to John Hartford on the way to his own visions. With the palette of “the five bluegrass instruments”  to work with, Tray creates a musical kaleidoscope centered around his restless, adventurous banjo. ~Pete Wernick~

All photos on this Website were taken by Rob Laughter

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